GLS Polyfilms is committed to maximizing quality. Our fully automated plant is equipped with the latest technology and it produces oriented plain and co-extruded 3-layer polyester film with Dornier technology, Germany.

The manufacturing program of DORNIER includes the key equipment for the complete Film Production Line, such as raw material handling, extrusion, chill roll, pinning systems, longitudinal stretching, transverse stretching, and take-up and transfer section. Most of the equipment manufacturing is mainly from Germany, however, other components such as winders, slitters, cutters and reclaim recycling systems are sourced from leading European suppliers.

Adding to the already high-quality protocols, DORNIER also supplies custom-made PLC systems for control of the single machines integrated into the overall structure of the film production line to deliver the turnkey control solution of the complete line as an integrated solution.

Below are listed a few more points proving GLS Polyfilms’ credibility:

  • Availability of consumables and spare parts is ensured for the complete equipment life cycle
  • Fast service and excellent support due to in-house production
  • A wide variety of film types can be produced with DORNIER film production lines
  • Unique airing system in the transverse stretching unit
  • Film Thickness Range- 8-125 Microns

DORNIER Film Production Lines, Made in Germany, provides the highest reliability for producing superior film quality.

While they pledge to produce the highest quality of poly films, preservation of the environment is crucial to GLS. The recycling plant is fully automated with machines, Made in Austria.

Our facility is also installed with slitting machines from Kampf, Germany. The key features of the slitting machines are:

  • A high web speed even with demanding materials
  • Short set-up times
  • Recipe management for the basic settings of the machine
  • Fast roll change times in the unwind and rewind, low maintenance shutdowns
  • All-electric adjustment using ball screws for highest precision and to avoid hydraulic oil contaminations.